Creamy Banana Berry Smoothie!

Aug 13, 2021 1:04:32 PM

We've gone bananas for smoothies at Shopitize this week, so we thought it only natural to whip-up a banana smoothie of our own! This tasty drink is smoothie-meets-milkshake, but don't worry, it's jam-packed with healthy fruit, too! The following recipe will make enough for two servings, perfect for sharing!


-1/2 Cup Yazoo Banana Milk Drink (Earn £1.00 this week with our voucher code!)

- 1/2 Cup Ice Cubes

-1 Cup Fresh Raspberries

-1/2 Ripe Banana 

- 1-2 Tbs Creamy Raspberry Yogurt (Earn 50p when you buy Activia Intensely Creamy Raspberry Yogurt this week!)


To Mix:

Pour the banana milk into a blender. Add the fruit and ice cubes and mix until the ice has been perfectly blended with the other ingredients. Add the yogurt last and blend until mixed.

For a thinner consistency, add a bit more banana milk, keeping in mind this will also make the smoothie sweeter. For a thicker consistency, add a bit more yogurt. Serve straight away for a cool treat! 

Alternatively, pour the mixture into ice-lolly moulds and freeze for three hours for a deliciously creamy ice-lolly! 


Enjoy! :)


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