The Future of Brand Loyalty

Posted by Carl Engelmarc

Oct 20, 2021 3:48:12 PM

Are you offering your customers an integrated mobile-to-in-store experience?

With mobile technology at their fingertips, consumers are creating their own “path to purchase”. Brand loyalty needs to evolve as consumers search, shop and share - everywhere, anytime - on mobile devices across websites, forums, apps and social media.

In parallel, while many perceive online shopping as key, our research shows that 95% of all grocery shopping still happens in real stores. This amounted to more than £17 billion of spend in the UK that could have been influenced by mobile engagement this year alone. 

A consumer driven path-to-purchase with the rise of digital media supported by mobile, coupled with the majority of spend remaining in-store, presents a challenge for marketers and brand managers who are seeking to join the dots between their cross channel marketing efforts and the point of purchase. Yet mobile also offers the opportunity to meet this challenge, by providing brands new ways to engage with shoppers that connect the dots and bridge the gap from marketing to sales at the point of sale.

We saw this opportunity to bring marketing closer to sales through a mobile-focused marketing channel, which is why we created Shopitize, an innovative mobile marketing solution that builds brand engagement, sales and loyalty.

This new generation platform helps communicate with consumers across display advertising, forums, websites, email and social media; deliver activation and loyalty to brands and retailers in-store; and capture actionable shopper data and insights throughout the consumer journey. These data and insights can in turn be used to drive effective targeting, and re-targeting, in mass reach channels, through our large scale media partners.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding – or more accurately perhaps, the biscuit. In a recent campaign for a leading biscuit manufacturer, we demonstrated that mobile can effectively stitch together different mobile touch-points, resulting in high conversions in-store. The campaign started with a sponsored post on Facebook, offering users a discount on a new product. To redeem the offer, which was available in 83% of UK supermarkets, the consumer simply bought the product and scanned their receipt as proof of purchase. Facebook generated an unusually high click through rate of 10% to our app, and a whopping 85% of the shoppers coming from Facebook bought the product. This cracker of a campaign really took the biscuit!

Here at Shopitize, we work with brands and retailers to create a unique opportunity to be right at the consumers’ side as they shop in-store; offering targeted communication, brand engagement and influencing behaviour. Interaction and engagement with the brand can come from a variety of value-add content, such as; videos, meal deal suggestions, promotions, push/pull notifications, recipes and nutritional advice, learn-a-fact snippets, polls, charity links, trivia, and testimonials. This heightens the consumer grocery experience making shopping social, fun and convenient, as well as cost effective.

Clearly engaging across consumer-driven “paths to purchase” can be powerful for brands, and mobile has a key role to play. And there are advantages beyond the immediate campaign, as mobile enables not simply the facilitation of engagement, but the collection of actionable insights that can be used to inform and tailor the subsequent campaigns. Ultimately, this can build towards driving brand loyalty in an ever more cost effective way over time.  

Are you using mobile to its full potential – as a shared touch-point between you, your consumer, multiple media channels, your products and sales? Do you gather valuable data about consumer and how they engage with your product in an ever more fragmented and mobile-driven “path to purchase”? Please get in touch – we’d love to hear your challenges and how you are looking to solve them.


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