Connecting brands with shoppers on mobile

Shopitize is a unique mobile marketing platform that enables brands to connect with shoppers at all stages of their path to purchase, and stay with them through to re-purchase and loyalty.

What is Shopitize

At the heart of the Shopitize proposition lies a value exchange between brands and shoppers where shoppers give their time and attention to relevant content and targeted offers from brands, and provide their shopper data to earn a reward from the brand for any purchases made.

How do we help brands?

Shopitize enables brands to build an ongoing relationship with shoppers and deliver personalised communications and incentives to them based upon their previous behaviour and purchasing. The platform is independent of any retailer involvement and activation can be across all retailers or targeted at specific retailers.

The Shopitize platform is mainly used by brands to:


Build awareness and trial

Drive repeat purchase and loyalty

Change shopper behaviour

Benefits for brands


Direct relationship with the shopper, independent of the retailer

Ongoing engagement throughout the shopper journey

Targeting based upon known behaviour and purchasing

Offer control and flexibility from digital features

Cost efficiency and ROI measurement on all activities

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